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      September 23, 2019

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Best Trademark Services

What's the best Trademark Registration Service? Before you choose a provider for registering your trademark, it's important to understand the process and the reasons why it's a smart idea for your business.

Let's start with the US Patent and Trademark Office: the gateway to Trademark Registration. According to them, a trademark - sometimes called a "service mark" - "includes any word, name, symbol, device, or any combination, used or intended to be used to identify and distinguish the goods/services of one seller or provider from those of others, and to indicate the source of the goods/services."

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Best Reviews


Trademark Registration Reviews

5 stars
Legal Zoom

LEGAL Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

LegalZoom makes it simple and affordable to complete all of the necessary steps for your trademark registration. Whether you want a basic search, a worldwide scan, or all of the above plus trademark filing, this service has you covered. Customers who have used LegalZoom's trademark services love the friendly, knowledgeable help they received from their agents. Because of their excellent reputation, reasonable pricing, and accurate trademark registration services, LegalZoom gets our highest rating. Read More... Visit

4.5 stars
Tradmark Center


Trademark Center offers Trademark Registration services that are straightforward, priced well, and dependable. Although their two packages are more expensive than some services, Trademark Center's reputation and 20+ years of experience make this company worth considering.
Read More... Visit

4 stars
My Corporation


My Corporation provides three different types of trademark services, which include search, application filing, and watching for trademark infringement. Pricing is a la carte: you won't find a package that includes each of those services, which can get spendy. The website is informative and can help you navigate what your business will need for Trademark Registration.
Read More... Visit

3.5 stars
Trademark Factory


Trademark Factory offers what we would call a "white glove" approach to Trademark Registration, providing extensive services for a flat fee and making sure your brand has all of the legal protection you need. Their customers are extremely satisfied, and the TF website gives you tons of information at no cost. But, an extremely high cost for services puts Trademark Factory out of reach for many business owners. Read More... Visit

3.5 stars
Trademark Express


TradeMark Express offers comprehensive Trademark Registration services, both as packages and as a la carte options. Their reputation is excellent, with an "A+" at the BBB and numerous customer reviews praising the company's attention to detail and personalized service. Their fees are a higher than some of their competitors', but it might be worth it if you want personalized attention during the process. Read More... Visit

2.5 stars
Rocket Lawyer


RocketLawyer is well-known for its database of legal documents, all accessible through a free 7-day trial and then via monthly membership fees of $39.99. This service works very well for Wills and other situations, but their Trademark Registration Worksheet will probably leave you wondering what to do next to complete the process. Read More... Visit

1 star
Trademark Plus


Trademark Plus offers low pricing on Trademark Registration services. They claim to have "over 100k happy customers", but the BBB says otherwise: an "F" rating based on unresolved complaints and other issues. If you're looking for a provider of Trademark Registration services that is affordable and reliable, Trademark Plus won't fit the bill.
Read More... Visit

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In layman's terms, your trademark is how you represent yourself to the world. Think about some of the most recognizable brands and you'll probably picture a logo, slogan, even the font used in the company's name. (Nike "Swoosh", Coca-Cola, or the Golden Arches, anyone?)

So, why register a trademark? One of the most important reasons is to prevent any other business from taking your brand identity, intentionally or accidentally. Trademark Registration offers you legal protection, gives your business a certain level of prestige or respectability, and can even be used to help file for trademarks in foreign markets if you choose to expand your reach.

Trademark Registration can get complicated. For this reason, many businesses opt to use a service that specializes in registering trademarks, to ensure that every necessary requirement is met. These Trademark Registration services are often very affordable, especially when considering how much time and effort it would take for an already-busy company owner to do the work on their own.

What should you look for as you decide with Trademark Registration service is best for your business? Here are several criteria to keep in mind:

  • Services Provided. What is included in the services offered? Are there multiple packages to choose from?
  • Fees. What will you pay to register your trademark? Is it a flat fee, or are there extra a la carte charges to watch out for? Are the fees reasonable compared with other Trademark Registration services?
  • Ease of Use. Does the company's website clearly explain what to expect during the process of registering your trademark? Can you get live help from a customer service agent? Does the Trademark Registration provider do all or most of the work for you, or will you have to put in some effort on your own?
  • Reputation. What do other businesses say about their experience with the service? How many trademarks has the service registered?

TopConsumerReviews has reviewed and ranked the best Trademark Registration services available today. We hope this information will help guide your decision as you ensure that your company's identity is established and protected for years to come.

When You Should Trademark a Product or Service

New business owners are swamped with a variety of legal decisions to make. One of these decisions is knowing whether to obtain a patent or a trademark for their products or services.

While both trademarks and patents are legal distinctions and require registration with the federal government, they are two different things and serve two different purposes.

A patent is designed to protect your product design or concept. It is intended to keep others from copying it and selling it as their own.

A trademark, on the other hand, is useful and crucial when you are in the process of building a brand for your product or service. It serves as legal protection to keep others from trying to infringe on your brand and your business. Furthermore, a trademark is what you use to distinguish your product in the marketplace so that people who have used or heard of your product will end up buying your product instead of the competitor's product.

Trademarks are meant to prevent brand confusion by consumers. Take for example some well-know trademarked brands: Pepsi and Coca Cola. While both products are soft-drinks, they each have a registered trademark. Each logo has its own look, text font, colors. The average consumer will not be confused as to which product is Pepsi and which is Coke. Also, each one has its own flavor and mix. When purchasing either of these products, consumers will expect a certain quality and taste. The consumer trusts that he is purchasing the product from the same company as last time.

The more distinctive, unusual or unique a mark is, the more protectable it is. For example, the generic terms such as "tissues" and "soda" are not unusual enough to be trademarked and protected. These are the common names consumers use when asking for unspecific products rather than brands. However, brands of tissues such as "Kleenex" are protectable.

Legally registering a trademark with an attorney can cost hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars. However, there are dependable companies online that can assist in getting a trademark set up for much less. Be sure to research the law firm or company you intend to work with to make sure they are dependable.

Obtaining a trademark for your product or service will allow you several benefits, including being able to claim legal ownership of your trademark, obtaining registration of the same trademark in foreign countries, and filing with U.S. Customs Service to prevent importation of foreign goods which may infringe on your trademark. It can be crucial to successfully protecting your business or product.


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