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Tradmark Center Review

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Trademark Center is a full-service trademark research and protection website. They have helped over 20,000 clients with trademark services since 1995. Trademark Center offers trademark searches, trademark registration, and trademark monitoring.

Trademark Center's comprehensive search includes Federal, State, and common law sources and starts at $295. An attorney will review the search results for each client.

Trademark registration, which starts at $300, also uses an attorney for application preparation. The fee includes legal follow up of the trademark application, including correspondence with the U.S. Trademark Office if necessary.

Trademark Center's monitoring service includes watching over the federal database as well as all 50 states, and runs $200 per year. The Trademark Center will send you monthly reports to let you know if anyone has infringed on your trademark.

Trademark Center offers a professional website with quality information about their product. They offer a toll-free number as well as basic information about trademarks. Although they offer a quality service, their prices are at the top end of those in our review.

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Trademark Registration

To help you find the Best Trademark Registration, provides you with an in-depth Tradmark Center Review.

You've started a business and picked out the perfect name and logo. How can you make sure that nobody else steals your thunder? The answer is simple - register your business name and/or logo as a trademark.

A trademark is a unique name, phrase, word, logo, symbol, design, image, or combination of these items that is used to identify a business, individual, or other legal entity. The trademark can be used to identify the business itself and/or the business' products and services. In this way, a trademark can be used to protect a business from its competitors.

It's important that an extensive trademark search be done before registering a trademark with the US Patent and Trademark Office. After such a search is performed, you can rest assured that your desired trademark is not already in use. Once you have registered your trademark, you will have exclusive rights to that name and/or symbol.

If another company uses your registered trademark, you can file suit to keep them from infringing on your protected name or logo. This will ensure that your brand name and company name remains exclusive.

There are a number of companies that can help guide you through the legal hoops involved in registering a trademark. Not only can they help you file the appropriate paperwork, but some services explain the process in a way that enables you to make informed business decisions about the name and/or logo you want to register.

When looking at different trademarking services, there are certain factors you need to consider. Some of these include:

  • Comprehensive Services.  Does the company offer trademark solutions that meet all of your business needs?
  • Information Provided.  Does the website thoroughly explain the trademark process? Can you use the information on the website to make educated business decisions?
  • Credibility.  Is the website professional and credible? Is the company backed by the Better Business Bureau? has reviewed and ranked the best trademark services available today. We hope you find these reviews helpful in preserving your company/brand name.

When You Should Trademark a Product or Service

New business owners are swamped with a variety of legal decisions to make. One of these decisions is knowing whether to obtain a patent or a trademark for their products or services.

While both trademarks and patents are legal distinctions and require registration with the federal government, they are two different things and serve two different purposes.

A patent is designed to protect your product design or concept. It is intended to keep others from copying it and selling it as their own.

A trademark, on the other hand, is useful and crucial when you are in the process of building a brand for your product or service. It serves as legal protection to keep others from trying to infringe on your brand and your business. Furthermore, a trademark is what you use to distinguish your product in the marketplace so that people who have used or heard of your product will end up buying your product instead of the competitor's product.

Trademarks are meant to prevent brand confusion by consumers. Take for example some well-know trademarked brands: Pepsi and Coca Cola. While both products are soft-drinks, they each have a registered trademark. Each logo has its own look, text font, colors. The average consumer will not be confused as to which product is Pepsi and which is Coke. Also, each one has its own flavor and mix. When purchasing either of these products, consumers will expect a certain quality and taste. The consumer trusts that he is purchasing the product from the same company as last time.

The more distinctive, unusual or unique a mark is, the more protectable it is. For example, the generic terms such as "tissues" and "soda" are not unusual enough to be trademarked and protected. These are the common names consumers use when asking for unspecific products rather than brands. However, brands of tissues such as "Kleenex" are protectable.

Legally registering a trademark with an attorney can cost hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars. However, there are dependable companies online that can assist in getting a trademark set up for much less. Be sure to research the law firm or company you intend to work with to make sure they are dependable.

Obtaining a trademark for your product or service will allow you several benefits, including being able to claim legal ownership of your trademark, obtaining registration of the same trademark in foreign countries, and filing with U.S. Customs Service to prevent importation of foreign goods which may infringe on your trademark. It can be crucial to successfully protecting your business or product.


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