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      July 4, 2020

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Rev vs Transcribe Me

To help you find the Best Transcription Services, provides you with an in-depth comparison of Rev and Transcribe Me.

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Utilize the best Transcription Service with Rev Today! Where can you find the best transcription service? Whether you're a journalist, a university student working on his or her dissertation, or a video content creator in need of captions, transcription services are a huge timesaver: why spend hours hunched over at a computer transcribing your audio file on your own, when for a small fee, you could save yourself the frustration and have your file delivered to your inbox in a matter of hours or days?

In addition to human-powered transcription, many transcription services offer speech-to-text software options - in fact, some companies offer only this model of transcription. Other services let the customer take complete control of the transcription process and provide them with dictation and in-site editing tools.

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Best Reviews


Cheesecake Club Reviews

5 stars


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Human transcription starting at $1/minute

Automated transcription at $0.10/minute Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award When it comes to transcription services, Rev does it all. From polished transcripts to foreign subtitles, Rev has a customizable service for practically every need and budget.

A visit to their homepage displays the four transcription services they provide:

  • Polished Transcript: 99% accuracy, $1/min, 24-hour turnaround. With Rev's "Polished Transcript" service, you can be fully present in lengthy meetings, interviews, and presentations knowing that Rev has your notes covered. Everything that was said will be transcribed, including crosstalk and accented speech. Timestamping can be included for an additional $0.25/minute. Simply upload your audio or video file, wait up to 24 hours, then your transcript is ready to go.
  • Rough Draft: 80% accuracy, $0.10/min, 5 minute turnaround. Like the "Polished Transcript" option, Rev's automated speech-to-text transcription service will provide you with a transcript of your audio files. As is to be expected with automated transcription, however, the quality of the file you receive depends on the audio quality of the file you submit. For best results, you should only submit files with clear speech and minimal cross-talk for Rev's Rough Draft transcription. Not sure if computer-generated transcription can give you the results you need? Don't worry, the first 45 minutes of audio are free. Rev also provides their customers with an in-site editor, so you can bring that 80% accuracy score up to 100% yourself, avoiding any extra charges.
  • Captions: $1/min, 99% accuracy. If you are a video content creator, you probably already know that captions help videos rank higher in online searches and make them more accessible to viewers, too. Upload your file (or paste a URL, or pull your video directly from Vimeo or YouTube), wait, then receive your file via email. (A 0-5 minute file has a 2-hour turnaround, while a 30-60 minute file has a 31-hour turnaround.) Rev also allows you to submit glossaries and speaker names so that your transcriptionist doesn't have to guess, and you can spend little to no time editing the finished product.
  • Foreign Subtitles: $3-$7/min depending on language, 99% accuracy, 24-hour turnaround. If closed captions in one language are good for your video content's exposure, closed captions in multiple languages can make your audience global. Rev's foreign subtitle transcription service supports over 15 languages; one minute of Spanish captions will cost you $3, while French, German, Chinese, Italian, Korean and Russian will cost you $5, and Japanese will cost you $7. Free English subtitles are included with every order.

So, what do customers have to say about Rev? Though the Better Business Bureau has given them an A+, reviews are mixed. Many customers rave about Rev's accuracy, speed, and efficiency, while others rant about grammatical errors, typos, and missed deadlines.

What is consistent, however, is Rev's prompt and thorough Customer Service response to such feedback. When an error has occurred due to difficult audio or a misunderstanding of the capabilities of the transcription service on the customer's part, Rev always provides a personalized and apologetic explanation for the incident. Should the fault be on Rev and its transcriptionists, the customer's file is reworked until the customer is satisfied. If that is not possible, a full refund is provided.

With their sleek web platform, competitively priced services, and excellent customer service, Rev is our favorite pick for your transcription service needs.

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4.5 stars
Transcribe Me


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Starting from $0.79/minute

Although it costs a bit more than other services we've reviewed, TranscribeMe has a great track record when it comes to accuracy. This is attributed to their polished two-step quality assurance process and their team of over a million highly qualified transcriptionists. TranscribeMe has broken their quality assurance process into two customizable services, ranging in price, so that customers may decide what best fits their needs (and budgets).

The first step of this process is the First Draft transcription, transcribed by human typists and written in clean verbatim form, meaning no false starts or filler words like "um" and "ah" are included.

  • First Draft: $0.79/minute, 98% accuracy, 1-day turnaround. TranscribeMe's First Draft option can include timestamps for an extra charge of $0.10/minute. For transcription of multiple speakers with speaker ID and timestamps, that extra charge increases to $0.36/minute, bringing your total to $1.15/minute. The projected 98% accuracy score will be, as always, dependent on the quality of the audio file you submit, but the First Draft service is a valid option for students who need class notes, or anyone who intends to use their transcripts for personal uses.

You will have to pay a bit more for the second step in TranscribeMe's transcription process, but if you tend towards perfectionism, it's well worth it. After the first draft has been transcribed, TranscribeMe's quality assurance team goes over it with a fine-toothed comb, making sure the text matches the audio file and adjusting punctuation and capitalization as needed.

  • Standard: $1.25/minute, 1-3-day turnaround. Timestamps and 2-3 speakers with speaker ID will bring your total to $2/minute.

Another reason you may decide to pay extra for TranscribeMe's quality assurance step is that there is no in-site editing capability. That is, should there be errors in your First Draft, you cannot correct them yourself before exporting the file. You may, however, choose to export your transcript in Word format and make any necessary edits there.

As is common among online transcription services, TranscribeMe also has an automated speech-to-text transcription option:

  • $0.10/minute, accuracy dependent on audio quality, turnaround time 3x the audio length. Timestamps every 30 seconds.

If for any reason you should be unhappy with the quality of the transcript you've received, TranscribeMe will work until it is made right. As they are almost always successful in this, refunds are rarely necessary or offered.

For all of these reasons, TranscribeMe customers come back again and again, citing helpful and friendly customer service and speedy turnaround times. We're sure that this service will provide high-quality transcription services at a price you can afford.

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Continued from above

However, when searching for an online transcription service, it can be difficult to know which one to trust. After all, most transcription services employ thousands of transcriptionists, leaving a lot of room for differing levels of quality between projects. This can make it difficult to get a clear idea of the quality of the service you will receive when reading customer reviews online. That's why you want to find a transcription service committed to your satisfaction.

Before deciding which transcription service best meets your needs, take a few moments to consider the following points to ensure that you know what you're getting into:

  • Pricing. Do you know what you're getting for what you're paying? The right transcription service will be transparent about any charges added for poor audio quality, accented speech, timestamping, or multiple speakers.
  • Quality Control. Before your completed transcription file gets to your inbox, it should be reviewed by a quality control team to ensure that it matches the transcription service's standards and yours.
  • Customer Service. Should your transcription file not be up to par, your chosen transcription service should either partially refund you or rework your file until it meets the requirements you paid for.

TopConsumerReviews has reviewed and ranked the best transcription services available today. We hope these reviews help you find the right transcription service for your needs!

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