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      June 24, 2019

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Tutors are more popular now than ever before. Attempting to teach a child at home today can be a real challenge when our lingo and approach seems to be a foreign language to them.

The methods used to teach our children are far different than how we learned several years ago. However, a qualified tutor can both explain a subject in current terms, and provide the teaching patience that many families are looking for. So how do parents go about finding the best tutor for their child?

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Best Reviews


Tutoring Reviews

5 stars

WYZANT Visit Site


Starting from $35 an hour Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award WyzAnt is a tutoring marketplace for just about any educational need. More than 70,000 tutors throughout the United States are currently registered with WyzAnt. Tutors are available to provide help to students ranging from elementary school through college. Also, there are tutors who work in many subject areas including math, science, foreign languages, reading, writing, college entrance exams, test prep, and computer training just to name a few.

The WyzAnt website lets you easily search for tutors for your needs. You begin your quest for a tutor by searching by subject area and zip code. You can refine the search by utilizing advanced search options to narrow the results by hourly rate, age of tutor, and gender.

Since WyzAnt is a tutor database, hourly rates are set by individual tutors and can vary greatly. We found that hourly rates varied based on subject matter and geographic area.

Each tutor listed on WyzAnt has an individual profile available. These profiles allow you to find out more about which specific classes and subject areas that tutors will work in. Conveniently, WyzAnt provides ratings and testimonials from the tutor's students. Reading what others say about the tutor was very helpful.

Because this company is a database of tutors and not an employer, WyzAnt does not conduct background checks on every registered tutor. However, for $7.99 tutors can choose to have a background check run on themselves, and students can request to have a background check run on any tutor. A passed background check is noted with an icon on a tutor's profile. Background checks include criminal, felony and sex offender records. Any tutor who fails the background check is immediately removed from the WyzAnt database.

Through the tutor profiles, you're able to email the tutors directly to determine whether that tutor is suitable for you. We liked that WyzAnt allows their users to research and contact tutors without paying a website membership fee.

WyzAnt has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and it's no wonder why. With WyzAnt, there are no hidden fees. Tutors post their hourly rates and that's what customers pay. The tutors then pay a commission out of their fees to WyzAnt. Also, WyzAnt offers a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. If you're not satisfied with your tutor after the first hour, WyzAnt will return your money - no questions asked. Also, WyzAnt offers prepaid discounts. By paying for multiple hours of tutoring in advance, you can save 5, 10 or 15 percent on every hour of tutoring.

WyzAnt's easy to use, free database of well-qualified tutors offers a huge variety of subjects for students of any age. Combined with their background check options and satisfaction guarantee, WyzAnt lands at the top of our list. When looking for a tutor, be sure to consider WyzAnt in your search. They've earned our highest rating.

Visit Site

4 stars
Varsity Tutors



Depends on topic and tutor's hourly rate

Varsity Tutors provides instant tutoring from a live, in-person tutor according to your own schedule. Varsity Tutors offers tutoring for over 100 subjects and can be done in the location of your choice or online from a computer or mobile device. Tutors provided by Varsity are selected from a comprehensive process of research, vetting, and interviewing.

Tutors are scouted locally, by tutoring directors within the student's geographical jurisdiction. There are currently over 33,000 tutors working with over 100,000 students covering all of the USA, including Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico. Varsity Tutors administers a criminal background check for both offline and online tutors and academic credentials via transcripts. Each tutor is individually interviewed and profiles are built on personality type and learning and teaching styles. Tutors even participate in mock student work sessions during the selection process.

The cost of Varsity Tutors depends on the frequency of meetings. The larger packages provide a significant savings. Each student and tutor pairing works off a bank of hours. For example, if a college student is studying molecular biology, but then catches up in that class and falls behind in another, the student can change to a different tutor for that subject and use the remaining hours with that new tutor.

The benefit to the online sessions, with Varsity Tutors, is that they can be recorded for better retention through rewatching the session. For difficult subjects this is a great way to better master the subject.

To find a tutor, you first fill out a form on the home page asking for your name, zip code, email address, phone number and tutoring needs. Within 10 minutes, a representative will call and ask for more detail on the subject or topic, and then pair you with a local or online tutor and an hourly plan that will meet your needs. We were less excited about the required phone conversation and the potential for a heavy sales pitch.

If a tutor isn't to your liking, you may call Varsity Tutors after the initial session and they will help identify another tutor who will work better for you.

Varsity Tutors is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has an A+ rating.

Positive online reviews say that their tutors are knowledgeable, made them feel confident in the subject, keep them motivated and engaged, and helped them to achieve higher grades. Reviewers who had a negative experience complained of tutors with advanced degrees tutoring higher-level subjects who weren't necessarily effective teachers, missed or frequently rescheduled sessions, and perceived bait-and-switch tactics on fees.

Overall, with the positive reviews, solid BBB rating, and fast, personalized service, we find Varsity Tutors a solid choice for your tutoring needs.

Visit Site

4 stars

CARE Visit Site


Starting from $5 an hour plus Membership Fees

Care is an internet membership database site that allows parents to find tutors in their vicinity who have registered with Care. The tutors are not employed by Care. Each individual tutor registers and pays a membership fee to the web site to be listed on it. While parents can search for tutors on the web site for free, they must join and pay a membership fee to Care before they receive contact information for any tutor listed on the website. Subscription costs range from $20 for one month to $80 for one year.

Every tutor on Care sets their own hourly rates. Tutors provide a description and profile, as well as a description of areas of study they tutor and ages of students they will work with.

Parents can choose to search for tutors a number of ways. First, parents can find tutors in their vicinity by inputting their zip code. Once that's done, parents can narrow the list of tutors by a number of filters. Filters include: hourly rate, age of tutor, gender of tutor, whether the tutor is a smoker or non-smoker, educational level and experience of the tutor, whether the tutor works in their home, the home of the student or a center. Using these filters, the parent should be able to find tutors that suit their needs.

Tutors registered with Care are verified. On each tutor's profile, Care indicates whether they have verified the individual tutor by phone and e-mail. You can also request a background check on an individual tutor. Note that Care does not provide any information on what that background check entails and they require that you join their site and agree to their terms of service in order to get this preliminary check done.

Care not only lists individual tutors but also professional tutoring services and learning centers. Care pre-screens these services and checks their accreditations with the Better Business Bureau.

While Care provides a great resource to find tutors, often at affordable rates, there may be a better way to find a qualified tutor to help your child without having to pay database membership fees.

Visit Site

3.5 stars

CHEGG Visit Site


Weekly plans from $15-$48/week

Monthly plans from $30-$96/month

Pay-as-you-go starting at $0.75/minute

Formerly known as InstaEDU, Chegg delivers online tutoring for high school and college subjects. Students work with tutors using a shared virtual whiteboard and can communicate with each other using video, audio, or text-only, depending on the preference of the student. That comes in handy if there is any difference in accents between the learner and the helper and ensures that the conversation is more easily understood.

Two interesting features of Chegg's tutoring program are that tutors are available around the clock and that students can use only the amount of time they actually need. High school and college students often find themselves stumped at odd hours as they work on projects before class or try to solve problems after work or sports practices, so having round-the-clock tutor availability is a definite plus. And, rather than having predetermined blocks of time that have to be filled even when the student doesn't need assistance (regularly-scheduled tutoring at a brick-and-mortar tutoring facility), students using Chegg tutors can get as much or as little help as the situation warrants.

Chegg has a variety of pricing plans to choose from, depending on how much help you think you may need - and how much you'd like to pay. New students can get a free 30-minute trial in the first seven days; be aware, however, that the free trial is part of a subscription that will renew automatically unless cancelled. Chegg's pricing plans included the following at the time of our review:

  • Weekly Plan 1 (the default plan that accompanies the free trial) - this includes 30 minutes of tutoring per week at a cost of $15/week. Additional time is priced at $0.50 per minute.
  • Weekly Plan 2 - this includes 120 minutes of tutoring per week at a cost of $48/week. Additional time is priced at $0.40 per minute.
  • Monthly Plan 1 - this includes 60 minutes per month at a cost of $30/month. Additional time is priced at $0.50 per minute.
  • Monthly Plan 2 - this includes 240 minutes per month at a cost of $96/month. Additional time is priced at $0.40 per minute.

If you would like more information about Chegg's offerings or specific advice for how to begin, you'll want to look in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen where it says "Tutors Chat". You can browse tutors who are currently online and even schedule them for a help session, but the main feature for prospective customers is at the top where it says "Chegg Tutors Support". When we clicked there, we were connected to an incredibly helpful customer service representative who was able to answer all of our questions and even asked insightful questions to better determine what help we might need with our studies.

That customer service representative explained a dimension of Chegg's tutoring that wasn't easily determined just from browsing the site: that there are actually two ways of approaching tutoring using Chegg. The first format is as described above: live lessons using a shared whiteboard and video/audio/text messaging. The second is in a form of a written request. Students fill out a form with the question, any attachments they may need and choose how long they'd like a tutor to work on it. Once the student picks the due date. the tutor will work on it and create a personalized mini lesson plan.

A number of student reviews about Chegg have indicated concerns with billing, from subscriptions that were not cancelled as requested to being overcharged for help. We strongly suggest that Chegg users monitor their credit card activity closely and contact the company as soon as possible if the charges posted are not what was expected.

The only other drawback we could see with respect to Chegg tutoring is the lack of help for students younger than high school age. Those students and their families would need to choose one of the other providers in our review.

Visit Site

3.5 stars



Starting from $35 an hour

Mathnasium is a professional math learning center which offers math tutoring to students from pre-school through high school in their local franchised facilities. Costs for Mathnasium vary by program and student's school level. Programs for first through eighth grade students cost $35 an hour for a three-month, six-month or nine-month program. Programs for seventh-ninth grade can cost from $44-$52 per hour. Programs for high school students can vary from $289 per month for access to unlimited drop-in assistance to $750 per 10 individual tutoring sessions. Tutoring at the high school level can include preparation for high school math classes as well as college entrance exams and ACT prep exams.

Through these programs, students are tutored at a Mathnasium learning center by trained tutors. Mathnasium has developed its own curriculum to teach math concepts at every level to students struggling in school math classes. Not only do Mathnasium tutors provide homework assistance, but they utilize a specialized Mathnasium curriculum to teach core concepts.

Every student who enrolls at Mathnasium first takes a comprehensive written and oral examination which allows Mathnasium tutors to assess the student's strengths, weaknesses and understanding of the grade level material.

Next, Mathnasium tutors develop a personalized learning program and provide the curriculum materials that cater to the needs of the individual student. Students meet with trained Mathnasium tutors one-on-one through the program.

Mathnasium measures the student's progress through school math exam grades, math assignment grades and standardized tests provided by the student's school.

Mathnasium's web site allows you to locate one if its math learning centers simply by inputting your city and state or zip code into a search box. You are then immediately directed to the web site of the closest learning center. There, you can review the hours of the center, the programs available and make an appointment for a free consultation.

Mathnasium is an international chain of more than 275 learning centers. It has franchised these centers since 2003.

If your student struggles with math, Mathnasium can certainly help. We like that Mathnasium measures success by how well the students improve in school rather than on a separate scale. This indicates that the tutor is helping the student how to apply what they learn. We also like that even though Mathnasium is a learning center, they offer one-on-one tutoring. It'd be great if Mathnasium offered tutoring in other subjects.

If your student struggles in math, you should check to see if there is a Mathnasium learning center near you.

Visit Site

3 stars
School Tutoring Academy



Starting from $129.99 per month

School Tutoring Academy offers online tutoring services. This allows students to get individualized, one-on-one help in the comfort of their own home, while sitting at the computer. The Academy tutors provide services to children in K-12, as well as college-age students. School Tutoring Academy offers tutoring in many subject areas including Math, Science, English and foreign languages. In these subject areas, the tutors create individualized lesson plans that are based on the local school district's curriculum or on the student's classroom syllabus. Tutors can provide additional educational material and homework to help reinforce subject areas concepts.

Tutors also offer specialized programs to address different learning challenges. For example, School Tutoring Academy has tutoring programs to help students with Dyslexia and Attention Deficit Disorder/Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD). For older students, School Tutoring Academy offer college test prep programs for standardized tests including ACT, SAT and the PSAT.

Tutors with the School Tutoring Academy are college educated and many of them are certified teachers with at least a bachelor's or master's degree from a US or Canadian institution. School Tutoring Academy conducts background checks on each of its tutors.

Before beginning with School Tutoring Academy, they'll provide an educational assessment to determine the student's needs. Academy tutors provide regular progress reports to allow parents and students. This allows both parents and students to realize progress being made.

School Tutoring Academy has no physical tutoring facilities. Instead, they utilize their web site to schedule student assessments. Once the assessment is complete, School Tutoring Academy introduces the family to their certified tutors in their area.

Tutoring services are priced by monthly packages. For students who only need tutoring once-a-week and only need occasional help on specific subjects, packages are $129.99 per month. For early learners who need tutoring in several subject areas, School Tutoring Academy offers a monthly package at $179.99 per month that includes 2 one hour sessions per week. The packages are comprehensive tutoring packages that include progress reports and conference calls with parents. Lastly, for high school students, there's a comprehensive package at $199.99 a month that includes intensive tutoring in multiple subject areas.

As parents, we were less impressed with School Tutoring Academy's online approach. The web site alluded that their was a facility and also in home tutoring but reality is, students learn by sitting at a computer. For those early learners struggling with math, for example, having a tutor explain an equation on-line didn't seem like the best approach. We also had some concerns with regional teaching differences. For example, Canadian tutors might know the teaching methods used in the Southern states of the US.

Visit Site

1.5 stars
Sylvan Learning Center




Although Sylvan brings 30 years of experience in tutoring and more than 900 locations around the country, we give Sylvan learning center a lower ranking for several reasons. The first and biggest concern is that Sylvan fails to provide enough information for parents to evaluate their services and costs of those services before signing up.

Sylvan Learning Center offers tutoring at all of their locations across the nation. Their facilities are open six-days a week. Tutoring is available by appointment after a student's needs have been assessed by one of Sylvan's certified instructors.

Accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, Sylvan Learning Centers offer programs for children in elementary, middle and high school. They offer tutoring in math, reading and writing as well as with study skills and test preparation for both the ACT and the SAT tests. At the high school level, Sylvan offers help with Algebra I and II, Geometry, Integrated math, Pre-calculus and Trigonometry. Sylvan's tutors are certified and experienced teachers.

Where Sylvan fails is in making information easily available to parents on its web site. Other tutoring companies provide information on costs whether by the hour, by the month or by program. Sylvan does none of these. Sylvan does not publish costs for any of its services or programs on its web sites. However, they do offer financing and a student loan program to help parents cover the costs of tutoring. Little information about either of these financing programs is provided on the web site.

In fact, it's difficult to assess Sylvan's services and costs by using its web site. Many of the Sylvan locations offer a discount to get started or a discount off the skills assessment, which Sylvan requires each student to take before they can recommend a program. The result is that in order to find out how much Sylvan costs, you have to pay them for an assessment. We also found numerous complaints and rants from parents that were out thousands of dollars for tutoring services. Tutoring shouldn't have to require a second job to afford.

Sylvan has a good reputation in some circles but because they are less than up front about any of the cost of their services and programs we had serious concerns about the affordability of their services. We also were aware that despite the 900 facilities across the U.S. many students would not live near one of their location. For more affordable, convenient, up front, tutoring options we recommend you choose a higher ranked company.

Visit Site

Continued from above

A number of tutor services exist today that match qualified personal tutors, trained in one or several subjects, with the student in need. However, these services and respective tutors can vary greatly in price and the subjects they teach.

Before you hire a tutor for your child, you should consider the following:

  • Focus. Which age groups and learning subjects does the company provide tutoring for?
  • Location. Will the tutoring occur at your home, at a separate location, or online?
  • Cost. What is the cost of the tutoring service? has reviewed and ranked the best Tutor Services available today. We hope these reviews help you find the right tutor for your child's needs!

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