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      August 23, 2019

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Website building software provides an efficient and effective way to create a professional looking website at a fraction of the cost of hiring a professional.

Most website designers charge at least $1,000 for a basic website - and often much more. However, what they don't tell you is that you can easily build your own website, and often for a fraction of that cost. These website builders can offer hundreds of website templates to get you started. Many even offer inexpensive hosting services and domain name options that are quick and easy to maintain.

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Best Reviews


Website Builder Reviews

5 stars
Go Daddy

GO DADDY Visit Site


From $5.09 per month Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award Go Daddy's Website Builder makes designing and publishing a website easy for those that have never created a website before. With flexible features and a large database of templates, you should be able to find exactly what you're looking for at Go Daddy.

There are three basic steps to creating a website with Go Daddy's Website Builder:

  1. Pick one of the 1,500+ design templates. There are over 90 web templates that already have basic information, navigation and photographs for faster web design. There are over a dozen web page layouts to choose from as well.
  2. Customize the website. You can change the color, change the font, add photos, add videos, and much more.
  3. Preview and click a button to publish to the web.

With these features, Go Daddy has streamlined the process of creating your website. In order to make it affordable, Go Daddy provides 3 different levels of pricing with their Website Builder product:

  • The Economy plan starts at $5.09/month, and includes a 5 page website, 1 GB disk space and 150 GB bandwidth
  • The Deluxe plan starts at $7.64/month, which includes a 10 page website, 10 GB disk space and 500 GB bandwidth
  • The Premium plan starts at $12.74/month, and includes a 999 page website, 50 GB disk space and 1,000 GB bandwidth.

All memberships include free email using your domain name and free web hosting. A chart to further compare each plan is posted on the company's website so you can choose what plan best fits your needs.

Go Daddy's Website Builder is a good choice for someone who is not very familiar with website publishing. It lets you easily create and publish your website, and the three payment plan options make it very affordable for any budget. The quality features, low month-to-month price, and ease of use earns Go Daddy's Website Builder our highest rating

Visit Site

4.5 stars



From $4.99 per month

Homestead is a website design and hosting company specifically for small businesses. You also receive your own personalized domain and email with the Homestead service. A unique quality about Homestead is that it offers specific business template themes. There are over 2,000 templates within a 100 different business industries.

Finding a template is easy, simply select the nature of your business, like a restaurant, and view templates that have a baking theme, etc, making it even faster and easier to set up a website. The templates come with 5 other pages ready to insert the text you want. We found it is easy to move images and text around by clicking and dragging with your mouse.

Potential customers can preview the gallery and check out other customer websites created with Homestead. You can try Homestead free for 30 days. You do not need to enter any payment information to sign up for the free trial. If you decide to continue with the service, it is only $4.99/month.

Homestead is a basic website design service without a lot of added features. If simplicity, ease and a low monthly cost is important to you, Homestead is a website builder worthy a second look.

Visit Site

4 stars

WIX Visit Site


From $5/month

WiX is a free website builder that is easy to use in getting started with a new website quickly.

The WiX website builder has improved since it first began to be popular around 2014. In 2017 the UI has a fresh, engaging, easy-to-understand look and feel. There is a new optional site design experience that relies on AI (Artificial Intelligence), though many web design professionals and programmers would argue that, at best, it is a glorified web-builder wizard that relies only loosely on a very basic form of AI.

Creating a new site with the AI builder takes only about 5 minutes if you know what you want beforehand and what a website generally needs to include. Expect it to take about 30 minutes for looking up terms and vocabulary if the concepts and meanings of words related to building a website are unfamiliar.

WiX has premium pricing tiers ranging from $5 to $25 per month for added capability. The premium pricing breaks down as follows:

  1. Connect Domain - $5 per month includes 1 GB, 500 MB of storage and connecting your domain.
  2. Combo - $10 per month increases bandwidth to 2 GB, storage to 3 GB, connects your domain, gives you a free domain, and removes WiX ads from your site.
  3. Unlimited - $14 per month gives you unlimited bandwidth, 10 GB of storage, and offers everything in Connect Domain and Combo plans, plus $300 in ad vouchers, and site booster and form builder apps.
  4. eCommerce - $17 per month gives you everything in the lesser plans, but caps bandwidth at 20 GB. It does provide 20 GB of storage and an online store.
  5. VIP - $25 per month provides everything in the prior tiers, uncaps bandwidth, keeps storage at 20 GB, and adds VIP support, priority response, and a professional site review.

The apps WiX offers are mostly "freemium" in nature, offering you the basic functionality to get started but then charging a premium to add more of what you need. This is fine for some businesses just getting started on the Web, but with success, it can quickly add up in terms of "nickel-and-dime" types of costs that could be better consolidated via a more multi-purpose, mainstream WordPress site plugin.

Perhaps the worst aspect of WiX is its ongoing battle against hackers due to its continued use of cross-site scripting (XSS). In 2014, and as recently as November 2016, WiX has been patching XSS vulnerabilities affecting almost all of its customers. Only recently has it upgraded its systems to support secure URLs for e-commerce and improved SEO.

How does the history of WiX impact new customers? The biggest impact is that WiX, having had a history of being behind the curve when it comes to technological advances and security, is a definite red flag for businesses that want stable website services.

Creating a new site using the drag-and-drop tools directly and without the help of the AI builder is a more pleasant experience than it had been in the past with WiX. However, website design is a profession that requires training and a degree of artistic capability that not every site owner will possess.

The SEO wizard that WiX offers is easier to use than past versions. However, it still offers the use of meta keywords, which many SEO professionals, SEO improvement software vendors, and especially Google have for several years now said are no longer used in calculating search position.

If you're thinking of using WiX as an entry-level website builder, you'll find it easy to get started. Just be aware that, even though you can cancel with WiX at any time, there is also a 60-day ICANN "lock-in" on your domain transfer. Other domain name registrars have an opt-out feature so you're not subject to the 60-day lock-in. But if you register your domain through Wix, and later decide that you really do need to move your website to a CMS like WordPress or Drupal, or to a more custom solution, you'll need to wait for the 60 days to expire first.

Visit Site

3.5 stars

WEBS Visit Site


From $16.67 per month

Webs is another point and click website creator that does not require any advance technical skills to use. You can pick your own domain name and email. Also, set up an eCommerce site where products can be sold online through a web store using PayPal or Google Checkout. Insert photos or Youtube videos on your website with 300+ templates to choose from.

There are a few features that are unique to Webs. One great feature is a customable free mobile site which is included with your regular website. This was something unique Webs offers that the other companies in our reviews do not. A mobile website makes it easier for smartphone users to navigate and explore your website. Premium features are available with the mobile site if you want to purchase them. There are also a variety of apps to have on your website such as a calendar, arcade, appointments and podcasts.

There are 4 pricing options. The first is an ad supported free site. You can create a site, get a feel for it and choose to upgrade when ready. For some, the free site may be enough. The next level is the starter at $3/month. This is a great fit for those creating a personal website. The Enhanced membership is $7.50/month and is recommended for business. The Pro membership is $16.67 per month and is for those wanting an online store. There may be additional costs as users may choose to add upgraded features to their website.

We liked the extra features Webs offered its customers along with a professional website. The range in membership options make Webs a product we can recommend to a variety of customers.

Visit Site

3 stars
Tip Top Website



From $9.95 per month

Tip Top Website claims users can create a website in 60 seconds - which actually mean that within 60 seconds you can sign up and pick a domain name. From our perspective, this is deceiving language. Domain names and website hosting are included with the membership. You can choose from 350 templates and customize your own. However, the sample websites are not as appealing as our higher rated products sample websites.

Creating your website is fairly easy for someone who is comfortable with basic computer skills. There are three pricing options available. The lowest price is $1.95/month and includes 1 webpage and 1 photo. The next option is $4.95/month and includes 5 pages on your website and 5 photos. The best and highest priced option is $9.95/month and includes 100 pages on your website and 1,000 photos. A comparison chart is posted with additional features of each price option. Each option comes with a free 3-day trial which is probably not long enough to really get a feel for the product.

If Tip Top Website's own website is any indication of what yours would look like, we much prefer the look and appearance of our higher rated products. We would only recommend Tip Top Website to those who would be satisfied with the limited $1.95/month membership because it is the lowest price featured in our reviews.

Visit Site

2.5 stars

JIGSY Visit Site


From $30.00 per month

Jigsy allows users to create many types of websites, from small businesses and churches to musicians and personal. There are over 175 themes available along with an option to create and customize your own theme. Editing of your website is all done in your web browser, making this similar to creating and editing a blog. Website hosting is also available through Jigsy. For an additional $10/month users receive unlimited email using their personal domain name. Featured sites are available to view prior to signing up for Jigsy. They look simple and clean - perfect for a professional blogger.

A nice feature at Jigsy is an option to pick your theme and create your domain name prior to signing up for Jigsy. We really like this feature as it allows you to browse through all themes first and get a great preview of what your website could look like. There are 3 pricing options to choose from. The first is a$10/month membership which includes 3 websites and 1GB of storage space. The $20/month membership includes 5 websites and 5GB of storage. The most expensive option is $30/month which includes 10 website and 5GB of storage space. If customers purchase longer terms they save 10% on a 12 month term and 30% on a 24 month term.

Customer service offers a free live chat to ask questions about Jigsy. However, there are not always operators available for this service. We left a message with a question and did not receive any response within the hour. Refunds are available only on 3+ month memberships within 7 days of purchase and requests must be made in writing.

Jigsy is easy to use and would be an option for those wanting to publish and edit a professional blog or create multiple websites. We did find the customer service poor, features and themes limited and the cost higher than others. To create more in-depth websites at a lower price, we suggest trying one of our higher rated products.

Visit Site

2 stars

YOLA Visit Site


From $9.95 per month

Yola allows you to create a website and hosts it to the web. Pick your template and edit your website using a drag and drop format. You can choose to sell business items on your website through PayPal or book appointments using your website. A short video gives potential customers an overview of Yola.

Yola has 3 pricing options. The basic membership is free. This allows you to experiment with creating a website with up to 1 GB of storage. A bronze membership for $4.95/month gives you 2 GB of storage along with phone and email support. A silver membership starts at $9.95/month and comes with 5GB of storage and other membership benefits. A comparison chart is listed on Yola's website for your convenience. Should you not be satisfied with your purchase you have 30 days to return for your money back with all purchases.

The sample website designs are well organized and creative. We also like the option to create a free website as well. However, there are significantly less features available with Yola when compared to other programs reviewed. We felt this would seriously inhibit users from creating the website with all the bells and whistles they so desired.

Visit Site

Continued from above

But not all website builders are the same. All the different products and services offer a variety of features and costs. Before you choose a website building product or company, you should consider the following factors:

  • Templates and features. Does the company offer a solid selection of website templates and necessary features to create the right website for you?
  • Ease of use. How easy is it to build a website given the organization of the website?
  • Cost. How much does the company charge and does that include hosting? has reviewed and ranked the best Website Builders available today. We hope these reviews help you create the perfect website that meets your needs!

Features Every Website Should Have

Websites are a major marketing tool, whether you’re a one-man show or a large corporation with thousands of employees. In the age of technology, potential clients want to be able to click a few buttons on any search engine, and find what they are looking for – including products and services.

If you are among the service or product providers who do not yet have a website – but are considering building one – there are a few features you should be certain to include in order to make the website both functional and user-friendly.

The kinds of features your website should contain are dependent, in part, on the type of website you are building. Business owners will need to have a few more features than others, including pages which list your products and services. However, all websites should include the following basic information:

  • Friendly Design. If your website is hard to use, or it is unclear exactly what kind of business or service you are offering, potential clients won’t even bother to look around. They simply will leave and go to another website that is easier to interpret and use.
  • Contact Information So many times, customers find themselves hunting for how to contact the business. Either the information isn’t included at all, or it is poorly placed, making it difficult to locate. Being presented with an easy way to contact the business – including telephone numbers, email and even the inclusion of a “contact us” form – is one of the most vital pieces of information necessary for inclusion. It does you no good to have a great website with great products if you fail to tell potential clients how to get in touch with you.
  • Easy Navigation Tools Too often, website creators are trying to make the pages flashy instead of functional. With many people now accessing websites from their Smartphones, iPads or other mobile devices, flash over functionality is not necessarily a good thing. Clients who are in a hurry will want to get on, find what they’re looking for and be done.
  • Social Media Links Social media has become another valuable marketing tool in the 21st century. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+ are being widely used as a means of communication and advertisement. If your company has any of these social media accounts, be sure to link them to the website in an easy-to-find location.
  • Security Features. If you offer clients the option to order your products – and pay for them – on your website, then you will need to include an SSL certificate on the site. SSL encrypts communications between the website operator and its clients, allowing for information such as credit card numbers and bank account information to be shared without fear of someone else receiving the information. Companies which provide SSL certificates are VeriSign, GeoTrust, TrustE and Entrust.
  • Mobile-Friendly Version. Smartphones, iPads and other android devices quickly are replacing traditional computers and laptops as the main way for people to access the World Wide Web. Websites which are heavy with flash features can take forever to load onto a Smartphone or other android device, leaving users frustrated. Offering a mobile-friendly version of your website will ensure that people can still visit your site, even if on the go.


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