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      April 3, 2020

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Common Mistakes Made By Wholesale Dropshippers

So the tourist in New York City stops a fellow on the street to inquire how to get to Carnegie Hall and gets the reply, "Practice, practice, practice". It's an old story, but a good answer.

By the same token, if you want to know how to avoid some of the common mistakes made by start-up online retail businesses who use wholesale drop shippers to warehouse and ship product to their webstore customers, the answer is "Research, research, research."

After you have identified the products you want to sell, based on your knowledge and interests which makes you an expert on them, you must find a supplier of those products. A wholesale drop shipping supplier can be the product's manufacturer, wholesaler or distributor. Thorough, in-depth research of suppliers will reveal which wholesale drop shippers are as close to the product's origin as you can get. A common mistake is to engage a company which appears to be the wholesale drop ship suppler, but is actually a middleman layer who relays your order to the supplier, charges for their service thereby increasing your costs, and will occasionally put their logo on the shipping label or include a packing slip with their information inside the box being shipped to your customer.

After finding several wholesale drop shipping suppliers of your product, don't assume all will package and ship a single item for you on demand. Some will require a minimum quantity per month in order to enter into an agreement with you. Some will charge you a monthly fee to be your wholesale drop shipping supplier. Don't expect to get the same wholesale price for product and shipping as another retailer who orders in bulk.

Another common mistake is as age-old as putting all your eggs in one basket. Some wholesale drop shippers offer hundreds of thousands of items in their catalogs and it is possible one wholesale drop shipping supplier can seem to meet all your needs. But it is a very good idea to have a business relationship with more than one wholesale drop shipping supplier for your product. Even if your research has indicated your supplier of choice is rarely out of stock of your product, it can happen. Have a back-up supplier to turn to in order to avoid having a disappointed customer. As an online retailer, having prompt shipment of goods cannot be over stressed.

Additionally, choose wholesale drop ship suppliers who use package delivery services with package tracking. Because you are an online retailer using a wholesale drop shipper to warehouse and ship your product, it is unlikely you ever will lay a hand, or eye, on the item your customer has ordered from your webstore. Not being able to tell your customer when his already paid-for item will be shipped, and when he can expect it to show up at his door can be a major mistake.

These two shipping issues alone can make or break your business.

Softies sell well for Charleston area restaurants during pandemic, but wholesalers worry

This year, despite favorable conditions for a bumper harvest, the COVID-19 pandemic has robbed wholesalers of the vast majority of their vital retail market. "We're selling what we're bringing in, but ...

Published:  Wed, 01 Apr 2020 08:00:00 GMT

"Buy more fruits and vegetables': L.A.'s produce wholesalers are seeing a 90% drop in sales

Need a case of strawberries? How about blueberries? Raspberries? Mangoes? Carlos Franco of Elias Produce has tons - literal tons - of fruit sitting in his walk-in cooler right now with no place to go.

Published:  Tue, 31 Mar 2020 12:11:47 GMT

Food wholesalers offer online orders to sell stock

Food wholesalers are making online home deliveries in response to Covid-19 measures. As bars, restaurants and hotels shut due to government restrictions, the wholesalers that usually provide them with ...

Published:  Fri, 27 Mar 2020 09:41:00 GMT

Food wholesalers seek help over unwanted coronavirus stockpile

Trade group says £20m of produce with three-month shelf-life is lying in warehouses ...

Published:  Thu, 26 Mar 2020 12:06:00 GMT

Coronavirus: Nurseries and plant wholesalers facing financial ruin as garden centres close

And despite an upsurge in online shopping for garden products, the industry body the represents wholesalers says it isn't enough alone to solve the crisis. Alex Newey says surviving will be a "serious ...

Published:  Thu, 02 Apr 2020 08:24:00 GMT

Dallas food wholesalers are now selling retail produce boxes to meet consumer grocery demand

At 10:30 on Tuesday morning, in an empty parking lot at Coit and Campbell roads in North Dallas, where all businesses had shuttered due to the city's stay-in-place ordinance to combat the spread of ...

Published:  Thu, 26 Mar 2020 14:48:00 GMT

Unilog Announces FastTrack eCommerce Solution

Unilog, which offers powerful, affordable eCommerce solutions to midmarket B2B companies, announced today that it is bringing ...

Published:  Thu, 02 Apr 2020 07:07:00 GMT

2 wholesalers land in soup for fleecing in Ludhiana

HT Correspondentludhiana@hindustantimes.comLudhiana To check overcharging of essential commodities, the district food and supply department raided shops in Kesar Ganj Mandi ...

Published:  Sat, 28 Mar 2020 10:26:00 GMT

Wholesalers synchronize and ration to guarantee supply of products

However, they have fleets of vehicles to reach grocery stores and other establishments, with the exception that they are only operating until noon. "As wholesalers, we have a responsibility to reach ...

Published:  Thu, 02 Apr 2020 05:43:00 GMT

Vegetable wholesalers shift to temporary shops at bus stands

The bus bays and platforms at the bus stand on Mettupalayam Road were converted into stalls for vegetable vendors on Saturday. Nearly 250 vendors, who had shops at the Anna Market, shifted to the bus ...

Published:  Sat, 28 Mar 2020 09:41:00 GMT

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