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Rocket Lawyer sells top-quality products we found. Their website is clear, simple, and extremely user friendly - making it easy to generate any legal document. They also offer a free 1-week trial to their membership service, which you can us to make sure their products meet your needs. For these reasons, Rocket Lawyer is our highest-rated selection.

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LegalZoom offers online legal documents at very competitive prices, and they review every answer on every document that they produce. However, LegalZoom is a little more expensive than the highest-rated service, and they don't offer a membership option for your ongoing legal documentation needs.

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Not only does Nolo produce online wills, they also sell books and e-books on legal issues, and they sell legal documents as downloadable files. Additionally, their website provides a good deal of free legal information. If you are looking for information and articles about legal issues, this might be the service for you. However, Nolo does not offer the same number of online legal document selections as the higher-rated services.

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Global Wills has some of the best prices we found for wills and other legal documents. Additionally, Global Wills sells a myriad of legal documents as downloadable files. This can be useful, but documents produced in this way are not checked by a legal expert. If you are looking for more guidance in completing your document, you might first consider one of the higher-rated services.

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Parting Wishes is a website designed to provide everything one might need to help prepare for their end of life. Services such as creating a will, living will, power of attorney and more are simple and affordable at Parting Wishes. While the website is not the most attractive it is informative and easy to follow.

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LawDepot offers the cheapest online will we found; however, LawDepot charges extra for many services that are included in other companies' base prices. They offer a subscription to their website, which will save you money if you need multiple legal documents. However, overall, LawDepot is not as impressive as the higher-rated services.

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Although we don't like to think about death, it is a fact of life. You can greatly relieve the burden left on your family members by creating a will or a trust to explain how you would like your property and possessions divided.

To help simplify this process, there are a number of online services available that take out much of the guesswork from generating these necessary legal documents. Many online legal services are managed by lawyers who will ensure that your will, living trust, and other such documentation meets legal standards.

Information about these types of documents, access to actual attorneys, and the ability to contact customer service representatives around the clock with questions help take much of the guesswork out of this process. Additionally, by using an online documentation preparation service, you can often save yourself hundreds of dollars in legal fees.

If you have a legal background and do not require extensive legal advice, there are a number of companies that provide file downloads or kits that can help you create your own will, living will, trust, and so on. After purchasing a file download, you can complete the document on your personal computer. This enables you to make as many copies of the document as you like. Additionally, you can make changes to your will or trust at any time. Keep in mind that wills and trusts that are produced in this way are not reviewed by a legal team. However, if you do not require expert guidance, file downloads and kits are inexpensive alternatives.

When looking at different online will services, there are certain factors you need to consider. Some of these include:

  • Credibility. Is the website professional? Have the documents been prepared by individuals with a legal background?
  • Information Provided. Is information provided to help guide you through the process? Can you easily contact customer service representatives if you have questions? Does the company provide access to legal experts?
  • Cost. Are the products offered on a competitive pricing scale? has reviewed and ranked the best will services available today. We hope this information helps you get your Will created right away!

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