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How to Choose a Wine Club

If you're in the market to buy yourself or someone else a wine club you may be struggling with how to choose the right one that will provide the most enjoyment. Below are some suggestions on how to effectively compare and contrast different wine clubs in your search to find the right one.

Review the Wine Options.
It's very important to understand what wines will show up at the doorstep. If you had red wines in mind but select a California white wine membership your satisfaction level will be low. Each wine club will spell out what wines they provide in their club. Some clubs specialize in international wineries that aren't sold in your local liquor store while others focus on domestic or small boutique wineries.

Club Frequency.
Many wine clubs offer great flexibility in the frequency of deliveries. Choose from a monthly delivery, quarterly, even semi-annual or something in between. Some clubs allow for you to choose only a couple of deliveries to try out, known as club duration, while others look for you to stay with them much longer. The frequency of wine deliveries as well as the minimum duration of the membership will drive the cost.

A wine club that has a history of pleasing clients with ontime deliveries, fair pricing and delicious wine is going to, more likely than not, do a better job than companies with a lower customer satisfaction rating. Look for individual reviews on wine clubs to get an outsiders view on how they operate.

Wine Pricing.
As with any product, the cost of wine memberships vary. Most clubs offer two bottles of wine per delivery and the price ranges typically between $25 and $40 per month. The prices can vary depending on where the wine is produced and if shipping is included in the price or not. Depending on the club you choose, you may pay for the wine monthly or in advance of all purchases.

The cost of shipping is often included in the price of the membership or can be charged separately. Make sure you understand this detail as it can significantly increase the cost of participating in a wine club. Most wine companies prefer a credit card on file to pay for the shipping costs, if they are charged separately.

Cancellation and Satisfaction.
If you've signed up for 12 deliveries of wines but didn't like the first batch and are ready to terminate it's important to be a part of a club that puts customer service first. Those that try to make it right are often willing to replace a bad shipment or happily refund your money to satisfy the customer. Look for a company that allows you to cancel the membership as needed.

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